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Are you ready to inspire your mind and honour the greatness within you? 

The Inspiration Formula is a unique 5-step process specifically designed to connect you to your authentic inspiration so you can live a life filled with profound purpose, extraordinary accomplishments and deep meaning.  This process will help you to overcome any feelings of being “lost” by threading the seemingly random events and pieces of your life together.

The Inspiration Formula collects information about you, your life and psychological make-up through a very  specific interview process and will reveal an accurate and inspiring one paragraph Statement of Inspiration.  This a blended mission, vision and purpose statement reflecting the dream you would love to fulfil in your life time.  Previous clients who have experienced the formula have said the interview process itself is deeply profound and meaningful.

If you are an Entrepreneur, Service Professional, Healer, Coach, Creative or student who wants to gain clarity on the next stages of your life.  The Inspiration Formula will be guide you to:-

  • clarify the role you want to play in the world
  • awaken your individual expression of greatness
  • find a sense of purpose and mission for the future
  • see yourself and your past in a new light
  • connect your human life with the divine plan
  • find your underlying, driving WHY in life
  • make sense of your past and present situation
  • know yourself on a deeper level
  • boost your energy and zest for life
  • have more certainty and presence

You will receive a professionally-branded certificate with your Statement of Inspiration, your Life Gift, Life Motto and Source of Greatness on it.  You can then print, frame or laminate it and hang it on your wall as a daily reminder of who you are and what you are here to do.

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