Energy Healing Program

Energy Healing for Clearing Self-Defeating Mental Patterns, Brain & Body Healing  

Do you want to  boost your focus, energy and zest for life again?

The brain is a most important organ that runs the entire health of your body. Without a healthy functioning brain, it is unlikely that other parts of the body can become fully healthy and pain-free.  From the age of 25, you are beginning a state of mental decline.  Your brain is starting to decline depending on what toxins are surrounding you in your home and work environment, what you ingest with food, alcohol, and drugs.  

Energetic healing of the brain and mental body will help:-

  • lift the brain fog and have clear thinking, memory and processing information
  • reverse the cognitive decline that comes with aging
  • clear your energy fields and energy portals to create clear connections
  • heal the different energetic segments of the brain including the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands
  • Re-programme the mental patterns and blocks to money, success and relationships

It takes 90 days to shift the energetic patterns and clean up the body, not in a few sessions.  The Energy Healing Program is a 3 month commitment with 12 weekly sessions for 30 minutes and conducted via Zoom video conferencing platform or phone consultations.

Consultations are meant to be complementary to medical advice and not meant to replace medical visits.

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