New Beginnings Sale

Now is the perfect time bust through those shadows that kicked you to the curb in 2018 and begin 2019 with confidence! Save from 50% to 75% on my most popular programs.  Promotion ends Saturday 12th January at 11.59pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) this discount applies to the retail price.

Future-Focused Coaching Program (6 Weeks)

Achieve one significant result in a relatively short time with one-on-one coaching with Heather .

Future-Focused Coaching supports you in shifting your focus and aligning your actions with your compelling vision for an inspiring future with your relationships, life purpose, business or health and well-being.  In this program you will radically alter a situation in your life that has been frustrating you.  Wake up from auto-pilot and the choices you are making by habit, insecurity and fear and experience a taste of what is really possible for you.

Begin this program straight away ready for a vibrant, successful and a happy 2019!

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Inspiration Formula Session

Find out your underlying, driving WHY in life with a one paragraph Statement of Inspiration, a blended vision, mission and purpose statement that reflects the dream you would love to fulfil.

The Inspiration Formula is a unique 5 step process, specifically designed to connect you to your authentic inspiration so you can live a life filled with profound purpose, extraordinary accomplishments and deep meaning.  Honouring the greatness that exists within us all, the Inspiration Formula collects information about you, your life, psychological make-up through a specific interview process and helps you gain clarity on the next stages in your life.

You will receive a professionally branded certificate with your Statement of Inspiration, Life Gift and Life Motto on it for you to print, frame or laminate and hang on your wall as a daily reminder of who you are and what you are here to do.

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Healing Your Heart / Spiritual Divorce Coaching Program (13 weeks)

Designed to support you in reinventing a life filled with love, trust, integrity and intimacy with yourself and others.

This program will help you use your deepest pain to break the patterns of the past and step into a new future, totally transforming not only your intimate relationships but all your relationships, especially the one with yourself.  Make peace with your past relationships and use them as a catalyst to learn and grow, release yourself from feelings of fear, resentment, blame and other sabotaging emotions that keep you bound to the past and rob you of love, intimacy and deep connection.

Navigate a complicated relationship with a parent, child, boss, co-worker, friend, family member, significant other – an ex or co-parent.  Break free from your patterns and creating the same kinds of unfulfilling relationships over and over again.  Make a decision about ending or staying in your current relationship and heal your broken heart.

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Courage Coaching Program (10 weeks)

Stop making yourself small to fit into a particular role in life or keep your mouth shut when you want to speak out.

Learn to embrace your vulnerability and open your heart accepting all of who you are – your history, flaws, misgivings and weaknesses.  Step out of your comfort zone and become unrecognisable to yourself, realising you have the power to accomplish anything.  Discover the strength, power and freedom of the courage that has been present in you all along and propel yourself into an infinitely beautiful and inspiring future.

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Blueprint Coaching Program (13 Weeks) 

Break out of the prison of your past and embrace your magnificence.

A personal leadership program that will help you identify your out-dated beliefs, fears, heart-ache and self-sabotaging behaviours so you can claim your greatness.  I will guide you through the shadows that stand between you and your most authentic, successful self.  In this rare and potent coaching program you will uncover your soul’s blueprint and your unique contribution to the world.

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Super Special Deal

  • Inspiration Formula Session
  • Future-Focused Coaching Program (to set your magnificence in motion)
  • Half day with Heather Passant via Zoom or Skype
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