campervan sunset Courage

New Beginnings


It is hard to believe that we have been in Cairns, Far North Queensland for 8 months now. I never would have ever thought I would be living up here in the tropics, an absolute nightmare for people with fine hair ha ha! Sometimes life gives you challenges that gives you the opportunity to give up everything you have know your life to be, to step into something completely different- if you are willing to listen to the intuitive voice within.

That is something I have never had a problem doing in the past, particularly with my daughter’s health issues, my intuition was the only thing I listened to and not the plethora of people around me or doctors telling me I was wrong. Finally I found a doctor who was open to alternative therapies and low and behold, we actually found out what the problem was (that is another story).

So we decided to move north, and travelled from the bottom of Australia to the top in a campervan with two Border Collie dogs, three Ragdoll cats and my teenage daughter. Leaving north-east Victoria was stressful because my daughter’s health was at an all-time low but along the way something shifted for me on that journey, a lightness occurred and a sense of freedom that I had long since lost.

Fast-forward to now, moving to Cairns was the best decision I have ever made for my family. My daughter now has the medical care and rehab she needs (which was an impossible task in Victoria) and even though there have still been challenges to face, life is amazing up here!

So in order for something new to enter your life, you need to create a space for it. Now your decision does not need to be as big as ours was. We sold, gave away and donated nearly all our belongings, just keeping a few special things. That was freeing in itself. It is nice to sit in a living space for awhile and really be with what you need. I have found now it is always different to what you think it will be.

Transformational Action Step:-

  • Set aside 30 minutes, sit down and start writing about what you would like to experience in 2019
  • What are you willing to give up today in order for something new and exciting to enter your life?
  • Take one small action step each day to make that happen.

You might just surprise yourself of what really cool things can occur!

I would love to hear what you are willing to give up for something new to enter so leave me a message on my Facebook Page HeatherPassant:Inspired &Courageous!