Spiritual Divorce/Healing Your Heart

healing your heart / spiritual divorce

 Are you struggling with the deep pain of a betrayal or a breakup that you just can’t get over?

Healing Your Heart / Spiritual Divorce Coaching is designed to use your deepest pain to break the patterns of the past and step into a new future, totally transforming not only your intimate relationships but all of your relationships…especially the one with yourself!   You will be guided and supported to:-

  • Navigate a complicated relationship with a parent, child, boss, co-worker, friend, family member, significant other, ex, or co-parent
  • Make a decision about staying or ending your current relationship
  • Release you from feelings of fear, resentment, blame, revenge, or other sabotaging emotions that keep you bound to the past and rob you of love, intimacy and deep connection
  • Make peace with your past relationships and use them as the catalyst to learn and grow
  • Break free from your patterns of attracting the same kinds of unfulfilling relationships over and over and over again
  • Ignite your spark, or your innate desire to share love with another human being

If you are ready to turn heartache into wisdom and create the fulfilling relationships you desire, then this deep, profound, and life-changing coaching model is for you.  You should not wait another day to heal your heart and open up to the love and connection your soul yearns for!

13 weekly coaching sessions done over the phone from anywhere in the world.  Based on Debbie Ford’s books Spiritual Divorce & The Right Questions.

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