Heather is a brilliant Coach. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is stuck and wants to change repeating patterns in their life. I have worked with other Coaches in the past but this program was the only one that helped me heal my inner child. I can now embrace all me even the shadows.

Jane Schnurr – Awesome Coaching – Entrepreneur Coach / Leadership Development



Being able to release, surrender and come full circle with the issues that had me trapped in the past was one of many experiences of our coaching together. I am so grateful for your support and guidance on my journey in life.  Thank you Heather!

Karen Reys – Ceed Healing – Spiritual Healer / Aboriginal Artist



Heather has this amazing ability to uncover hidden possibilities so you can become more than you could ever imagine.  Her life experience and life skills will help you to uncover what is stopping you. She is 100% professional, non-judgemental and is a really genuine, caring person.  If you have a desire to succeed then I cannot recommend Heather highly enough!

Linda McMahon – Essential Business Systems  – Time Management / Systems Consultant


What an incredible package of pure MOTIVATION you have provided!  It is one that will support me effortlessly in designing and expressing my service to the world.  I am equally inspired by you.  This wonderful tool you have discovered is a true gem!  I love how concisely it provides the language for my thoughts, ideas and life purpose.  The words that feel true, uplifting and authentic.  I would never have been able to come up with this deeply poetic voice on my own … especially about myself.  You have clearly discovered a wonderful process to support other in articulating their “truth” and unique passion.  I felt deeply held by your grace and wisdom as you expertly guided me to find and express my own unique voice.

Connie Viveros – Inspired Heart Foundation – Master Integrative Coach / Master Spiritual Channel & Intuitive


The Inspiration Formula helped me gain clarity around my purpose in life.  It then created a sense of trust in which direction I should move.  I feel motivated and energetic knowing what is important for me.  The most meaningful part was receiving my Life Gift and Life Motto.  As well as my Healing Remedy and Source of Greatness which now empowers me.  I loved how my own thoughts and ideas were being pulled out of me during the interview process.  They made sense in a completely new and different way.  I would recommend the Inspiration Formula to anyone who is interested in finding out the deeper meaning of their life and listening to their inner voice.

Luuna Sommer – To Feel Amazing – Entrepreneur / Well-Being Coach


My experience of the Blueprint Process was interesting.  I really didn’t know what to expect when I began with Heather.  I had a few goals.  I wanted to become more of a people person, to enjoy socialising and widen my circle of friends.  And to get awareness around the unconscious rules and beliefs that influenced my behaviour every day.  At times the process was challenging.  There were some beliefs uncovered that I just didn’t like, that I was glad to be rid of.  And some weeks I found it difficult to make the time to complete the home play.  But it was worth it!  I now have a much greater understanding of the beliefs that I live by and how to eliminate the ones that hold me back.  I also have a clearer and detailed vision of what I want to achieve with my life and why.  This knowledge has given me a huge boost to my motivation to get up and make it all happen.  Thank you Heather for being a gentle guide, a strong leader, my support when I needed it and my biggest fan!  CB


As I am attempting to live an honourable life, I agreed when Heather suggested Life Coaching as a way of looking at myself from a different perspective. I found that my life plan changed midway thru the sessions because I had more information to assist me make different and more flavoursome choices. I also found that the Coaching allowed me to be more honest with myself, this has flowed on to my relationships with family as well as work colleagues.  WM