Personal and Professional Coaching to strengthen your resilience, expand your awareness and receive an infusion of wisdom and insights that just make life better.

Personal and Professional Coaching to strengthen your resilience, expand your awareness and receive an infusion of wisdom and insights that just make life better.

Meet Heather

Heather teaches a powerful and holistic way to avoid burnout and regain your spark, clarity and focus revitalizing your Life and your Business.  Unlike traditional coaching, her work is a step-by-step process that provides a strong foundation for clearing away mental, physical and emotional blocks.

Reclaim your happiness, vitality, and productivity.

  • Heather is always efficient and client-focused.  I felt that she was truly concerned about my wellbeing and helping me to move forward.  She ensured that I was connecting into that which I truly chose to do and went above and beyond guiding me to find the connections that I needed most to continue my journey.

  • I was wanting to make changes in my life but couldn’t find the motivation or energy to move forward on my own.  We identified my Fix It List and things slowly started to change.  I started to feel more energized, positive and hopeful about moving forward into the life I desired.  I am so grateful that I took this program and for Heather’s support.  I highly recommend The Pillar Code!

    Betsy Surchin – Integrative Coach
  • Heather is a brilliant coach and I highly recommend working with her and The Pillar Code Program.  In our work together I was able to release many old patterns that have pulled at me for years.  I feel stronger, lighter and clearer now going forward.  Thank you Heather for your genuine caring and energy that rocked my world!

    Jane Schnurr – Leadership Development Coach
  • Heather is a very positive person who helped me see “the other side” of the situation and events I was experiencing.  Throughout the course of the program I found myself lifting into a more positive space from where life began, to flow with a little more ease.  My confidence and self-esteem both improved and making decisions became easier.  I am thrilled to say that the positive changes I’d experienced in how I manage my life and relationships has continued  to improve, as does my self-awareness and appreciation of all that I already have. read more

    Nicky Mann – Self-Awareness Specialist
  • I felt supported during our sessions and looked forward to our appointments each time.  The deepest value I received from this program is the importance of speaking my truth and trusting my knowing.  Thank you Heather for being an incredible Pillar Code Practitioner and I look forward to connecting with you in the future.

  • After our session yesterday, I felt so much lighter in my body, I had far more clarity with my focus and the message was so timely and spot on.  Many thanks Heather!

    Helen Creigh – Speaker
  • After each appointment, I felt I had a clear understanding of what was holding me back and I’d feel massive weights lift from my shoulders.  I can’t thank Heather enough for her support during such a huge life change.

  • That is amazing to say the least and makes so much sense.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

    Leanne Peard – Business Coach
  • Heather has this amazing ability to uncover hidden possibilities so you can become more than you could ever imagine.  Her life experience and life skills will help you to uncover what is stopping you. She is 100% professional, non-judgemental and is a really genuine, caring person.  If you have a desire to succeed then I cannot recommend Heather highly enough!

    Linda McMahon – Time Management/Systems Consultant
  • Being able to release, surrender and come full circle with the issues that had me trapped in the past was one of many experiences of our coaching together. I am so grateful for your support and guidance on my journey in life.  Thank you Heather!

    Karen Reys – Storyteller/Healer/Aboriginal Artist