My Courage Journey

– what led me to where I am today

Heather was born with a warrior’s heart and a gypsy spirit. She is a life-long explorer of personal development and consciousness. Her journey of healing began in her early 20’s leading her to study massage, natural therapies and holistic healing.  That soon moved to the eastern philosophy of health, wellbeing and energetic healing.

After having her daughter at the age of 39, as a single mum she soon realized she needed a much less labour-intensive way to move forward.  Heather began to study Life Coaching, where she could work with people’s minds and spirits and still utilize all the knowledge she had gained in the healing arts over the past 20 years.

debbie ford & heather passant

Heather was drawn to study Integrative Coaching with Debbie Ford, one of the world’s foremost thought leaders in emotional and spiritual education.  She was personally trained by Debbie for seven years in her unique programs and became a Professional Certified Master Integrative Coach and Integrative Leader.

It was through the coaching work that Heather realized one of her gifts was to guide people from a dark place of powerlessness, to come out the otherside knowing extraordinary possibility, strength and harmony.




When her daughter began to experience a number of serious health issues, Heather soon realized the principles of coaching alone was not enough and she was brought full circle back to energetic intelligence and The Pillar Code.

The Pillar Code is a profound and holistic journey of healing that combines the best of the healing arts in one single program.  With a blend of coaching, using the diagnostic tool of muscle observation, you also receive a healing on a deep level each week.  Its like bringing all the pieces of your life together in one single program, giving you a more in depth understanding of how you are living your life. as well as identifying what is truly keeping you stuck.

Fast forward to now, Heather is so passionate about coaching with emotional and energetic intelligence, she will teach you powerful, life-altering tools, skills and concepts to strengthen your resilience, expand your awareness and receive an infusion of wisdom to revitalize your Life and your Business.

My superpower is bringing all that I have learned through the healing arts, professional coaching and lived experience – my knowledge, wisdom and gifts to empower you to burn bright not burnout, to find true fulfillment and life-long success both in your Life and in your Business.

My Credentials

  • 2020-2023 – Pillar Code Practitioner – studied the work of PJ Ashley & GEORGE with The Pillar Code, a unique, intuitive, holistic wellness program.
  • 2018-2020 – studied the work of Dr Anastasia Chopelas, found of Scientific Healing, a combination of quantum physics and ancient healing arts.
  • 2015 – The Inspiration Formula Consultant – finding your purpose, vision, mission and WHY in life.
  • 2006-2013 – Professional Certified Master Integrative Coach and Integrative Leader – extensively studied the work of Debbie Ford, The Ford Institute for Transformational Training in Leadership and Life Coaching.
    Blueprint Leadership Coaching Program
    Client-Driven Coaching
    Future-Focused Coaching
    Integrative Leader Program
    Courage Coaching Program
    Healing Your Heart Coaching Program
    Spiritual Divorce Coaching Program
  • 1988-ongoing – massage, natural therapies, energetic healing

Ready to make some courageous choices so you can regain control, maximize productivity and grow your business, your personal life and your creativity? 


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