Heather is a brilliant coach and I highly recommend working with her and The Pillar Code Program.  In our work together I was able to release many old patterns that have pulled at me for years.  I feel stronger, lighter and clearer now going forward.  Thank you Heather for your genuine caring and energy that rocked my world.

Jane Schnurr – Entrepreneur / Coach / Leadership Development


In 2021 I completed The Pillar Code Program with Heather and have now enrolled in The Expansion Program, as I had grown so much I wanted to see what was still possible in my life.  The Pillar Code processes enabled me to make the time and space in my life to think about what was really important and what I wanted for myself.  It help me sit with the challenges I was facing and to know that I could move through them with grace and gratitude.karen reys profile

I have been able to manifest employment that is fulfilling and wealth that is rewarding, alongside relationships that are stronger and healthier, with family, friends and the wider community.  I know my worth and value.  My voice has become stronger and I am no longer afraid of who I am. I am here to make a difference and I am excited about my future.  I could not have achieved the monumental changes in my life without The Pillar Code and Heather’s commitment and support.  Thank you Heather for the knowledge, skills and tools that have healed my stories and continue to move me closer to my authentic self and live a life of truth and purpose.

Karen Reys – Storyteller / Healer / Aboriginal Artist


Working with Heather in The Pillar Code has been so relieving!  It is amazing how expert she is at finding the things that are going on and telling me about them, then with so much compassion and skill, she clears them.  Afterwards, I get a great night sleep and so many things have been going the right way.  I have manifested to live in a place I always wanted to live, my business is thriving and moving forward in ways that I never expected, her whole presence and how she brings herself to the work is exquisite.  I am very grateful that Heather decided to do The Pillar Code and The Expansion Code because I am benefiting from her learning. 

I am GREATLY benefiting from her learning and I think a lot of other people will as well.

Gwen Lepard – Luminary Leader / Mentor / Speaker


I enrolled in The Pillar Code Program with Heather because I was at a place in my life where I was wanting to make changes but couldn’t find the motivation or energy to move forward on my own.  I learned about The Pillar Code and decided to make the investment in myself so I could unstick myself.

Heather has a warm and caring manner.  I instantly felt safe and at ease.  She explained all the aspects of the program to me clearly.  When she tested for the Points of Disease and Dysfunction, I was amazed at how accurate the information was and things started to really make sense.  We identified my Fix It List and things slowly started to change.  Little sparks of opportunity started to appear and I followed through.  I started to feel more energized, positive and hopeful about moving forward into the life I desired.

Its been six months since I started the program and I am making significant changes, including moving to a new city.  The new home I am moving to has literally everything on my “list”.  It’s amazing!  The community I desired to be apart of is already appearing and I am excited and energized about the possibilities for my future.  I am so grateful that I took this program and for Heather’s support.  I have new tools that she has taught me to stay positive and grounded.  I highly recommend this program.  Thank you Heather and thank you Pillar Code. 

Betsy Surchin – Integrative Coach


Heather has this amazing ability to uncover hidden possibilities so you can become more than you could ever imagine.  Her life experience and life skills will help you to uncover what is stopping you. She is 100% professional, non-judgemental and is a really genuine, caring person.  If you have a desire to succeed then I cannot recommend Heather highly enough!

Linda McMahon – Time Management / Systems Consultant


What an incredible package of pure MOTIVATION you have provided!  It is one that will support me effortlessly in designing and expressingconnie viveros profile my service to the world.  I am equally inspired by you.  This wonderful tool you have discovered is a true gem!  I love how concisely it provides the language for my thoughts, ideas and life purpose.  The words that feel true, uplifting and authentic.  I would never have been able to come up with this deeply poetic voice on my own … especially about myself.  You have clearly discovered a wonderful process to support other in articulating their “truth” and unique passion.  I felt deeply held by your grace and wisdom as you expertly guided me to find and express my own unique voice.

Connie Viveros – Master Integrative Coach / Master Spiritual Channel & Intuitive


luuna sommer profileThe Inspiration Formula helped me gain clarity around my purpose in life.  It then created a sense of trust in which direction I should move.  I feel motivated and energetic knowing what is important for me.  The most meaningful part was receiving my Life Gift and Life Motto.  As well as my Healing Remedy and Source of Greatness which now empowers me.  I loved how my own thoughts and ideas were being pulled out of me during the interview process.  They made sense in a completely new and different way.  I would recommend the Inspiration Formula to anyone who is interested in finding out the deeper meaning of their life and listening to their inner voice.

Luuna Sommer – Entrepreneur / Well-Being Coach


I have recently finished The Pillar Code’s Expansion Program with Heather and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Heather is always efficient and client-focused.  I felt that she was truly concerned about my wellbeing and helping me to move forward.  She ensured that I was connecting into that which I truly chose to do and went above and beyond guiding me to find the connections that I needed most to continue my journey.  I am truly grateful to Heather for her time, expertise, healing and guidance and I highly recommend Heather to be practitioner.     Felicity


That is amazing to say the least and makes so much sense! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Leanne Peard – Business Coach


The first time I read my Statement of Inspiration, crafted by the amazing Heather Passant it brought tears to my eyes.  After an interview, Heather managed to sum up who I am at my core, the values I hold and what makes me tick.  It made me realize how easy it is to get caught up in the ‘routine’ of life that we can easily forget what is important to us.  This statement inspires and motivates me and sits above my desk as a constant reminder of the real me and what I am here to do.  I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to live a life of meaning and purpose.  Thank you Heather!!!         Martyn Jones – Integrative Coach


I undertook Heather’s “Spiritual Divorce” to improve my relationship with my wife.  We achieved that and so much more.  Habits and actions that were detrimental to my spiritual and physical health were laid bare and addressed and the root causes uncovered.  My attitude and outlook have improved dramatically; not an easy task for Heather when working with a cynical old science teacher.  I owe Heather a debt of gratitude for all that she has done.  Highly recommend!   Mike


I love it!!!!!!!  Thank you for this most precious gift.  I will sit with this and absorb my truth….   Jane


I was tying up loose ends with my direction with work and my life and where I was choosing to go.  It was an interesting interview because it was tapping into the unconscious so I couldn’t really overthink the answers.  Oh I loved how it tied everything together!  It has given me more clarity and confidence with where I am going and linking into my divine purpose.  The deepest and most meaningful value was receiving the Life Motto, this is such a great process to align you with your purpose, passion and gifts in life.   Sally Estlin – Wellness Consultant / Transformational Expert


Thank you so much, you saved me this week!  Relationship better than ever and holding strong together with what has come up for us this week and into the next few weeks.  Truly grateful!   Belinda


After our session yesterday I felt so much lighter in my body, I had far more clarity with my focus and the message was so timely and spot on.  Many thanks Heather!    Helen


I am so grateful for Heather taking me through The Pillar Code’s Expansion Program.  Heather is authentic, genuine and caring in her approach.  Her beautiful, kind-hearted nature instantly made me feel like I could trust her and that we had been connected for such a long time.  I felt supported during our sessions and looked forward to our appointments each time.  The deepest value I received from this program is the importance of speaking my truth and trusting my knowing, ultimately trusting my soul which is my knowing.  Thank you Heather for being an incredible Pillar Code Practitioner and I look forward to connecting with you in the future!    Fay


I underwent The Pillar Code Program with Heather.  I found her to be an excellent listener and her responses and opinions very insightful.  She is a very positive person who helped me see ‘the other side’ of the situations and events I was experiencing.   Throughout the course of the program, I found myself lifting into a more positive space from where life began to flow with a little more ease.  My confidence and self-esteem both improved and making decisions became easier.  Although I completed my program with Heather some months ago, I am thrilled to say that the positive changes I’d experienced in how I manage my life and relationships have continued to improve, as does my self-awareness and my appreciation of all that I already have.  I believe that the nature of this program will continue deliver results long after the appointments cease.  Thank you Heather for getting me started!    Nicky Mann – Self-Awareness Specialist / Yogalates Instructor


I was taken through The Expansion Code with Heather and it was truly life-changing!  I started the program while I was mid-way through my pregnancy and completed the program a few months after giving birth to my second daughter.  Heather made me always feel so supported and she help bring my confidence back in the early challenges of being a new-born mum.  After each appointment I felt I had a clear understanding of what was holding me back and I’d feel massive weights life off my shoulders.  I can’t thank Heather enough for her support during such a huge life change.    Katelyn


Heather has helped me so much with healing the relationship I had with my father.  She helped me discover hidden anger and clear it. I thought that I had lost his love and approval but through Heather’s expert guidance, I healed my heart in regard to this.  When I recently visited my step-mom, even though he is passed, I felt him.  I saw him smile.  I felt his love and his approval that I was visiting the woman he loved for years.  It was tremendously healing and I believe none of that would have happened without the work that I have done with Heather Passant.  Recommend HIGHLY!!!     Gwen


We said sorry for hurting each other.  I was unconscious of how deeply I held those emotional wounds in my body.  I felt an immediate surge of energy and personal strength that has stayed with me since the healing.  I completed the Blueprint Coaching Program with Heather Passant and had grown strong as an individual, but that newfound knowledge alone wasn’t going to be enough to hold our relationship together.  For years I felt angry, hurt, alone and frustrated.  I didn’t like who I had become in the relationship.  I didn’t think there was anything else to do but walk out of on a 24-year partnership with my husband and youngest daughter.  But the day my husband agreed to do the Spiritual Divorce program together, my life began to turn around.  I now understand who I am and my purpose in life.  I am becoming a responsible adult.  I am making better informed choices and decisions about my life.  I am more loving and caring to myself.  I am more compassionate and considerate of others.  I live with the source of love and work from divine intelligence within me.  My relationship with my husband and daughter has improved remarkably.  We take time to listen, hear and understand each other.  We spend valuable time together as a family, having fun and being happy.  We plan our day, making time for ourselves, as well as activities together as a family.  We are all committed to the relationship.  Our family bond is so much stronger.  My husband and I far exceeded our goals of living a happier and healthier life together.  Heather Passant has helped us to turn our lives around and we will always be forever grateful!   Karen


It was great going through my purpose and vision with Heather.  I was assisted well going through the Inspiration Formula, which gave me a greater clarity on my overall purpose. Locky Gould – Business Manager


Thank you Heather for introducing me to the Inspiration Formula and helping me to see with more clarity of ‘why I am here’.  It is a simple process that made me feel safe through every step, while still working down deeper and deeper to define my purpose.  Now I can truly realize my full potential.  Here is a base for me to grow from confidently.     Karen Nankervis – Business Owner


My experience of the Blueprint Process was interesting.  I really didn’t know what to expect when I began with Heather.  I had a few goals.  I wanted to become more of a people person, to enjoy socialising and widen my circle of friends.  And to get awareness around the unconscious rules and beliefs that influenced my behaviour every day.  At times the process was challenging.  There were some beliefs uncovered that I just didn’t like, that I was glad to be rid of.  And some weeks I found it difficult to make the time to complete the home play but it was worth it!  I now have a much greater understanding of the beliefs that I live by and how to eliminate the ones that hold me back.  I also have a clearer and detailed vision of what I want to achieve with my life and why.  This knowledge has given me a huge boost to my motivation to get up and make it all happen.  Thank you Heather for being a gentle guide, a strong leader, my support when I needed it and my biggest fan!   Claire


As I am attempting to live an honourable life, I agreed when Heather suggested Life Coaching as a way of looking at myself from a different perspective. I found that my life plan changed midway thru the sessions because I had more information to assist me make different and more flavoursome choices. I also found that the Coaching allowed me to be more honest with myself, this has flowed on to my relationships with family as well as work colleagues.   Wendi


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